The BlueBrick Communication Assessment™ is a cutting-edge tool created by a licensed marriage and family therapist to help counselors and therapists bring creativity into their sessions. A nationwide study by Carson, Becker, Vance, et al. revealed that time and time again, therapists and counselors want resources that allow them to bring more creativity into therapy sessions. The assessment is the first of it’s kind to integrate play therapy for adult sessions!

The Communication Assessment allows therapists to experience first-hand how a dyad, whether it is an adult couple for relationship counseling, a parent-child working on family counseling, or even sibling combinations, the assessment allows for communication outside the therapy room.

Because the Communication Assessment uses play, specifically building toys, clients often experience a more relaxed environment, are having fun, and become more open and less closed off.

The Communication Assessment can be used with all sorts of clients and therapeutic theories, and allows the therapist to see what is below the polite facade many clients bring to session.

The Communication Assessment comes in it’s own storage box, includes all three levels of the assessment, and an instruction manual with tips and suggestions.



The BlueBrick Therapeutic Journals™ are designed for the creative therapist. Research shows that actual writing is more therapeutically beneficial than simply typing out our thoughts and feelings. The BlueBrick Therapeutic Journals™ applied this research and developed three types of journals with the therapist in mind: Gratitude Journals, Insight Journals, and Anger Logs.

Many therapists struggle with clients completing homework assignments, particularly writen assignments. Either the client doesn’t have a journal or notebook at home, or quickly loses the journal his/her therapist provides. The BlueBrick Therapeutic Journals™ are a low cost option that allows the therapist to provide the journals to clients free of charge. This maintains a low cost, professional image. It also allows the therapist to help the client keep his/her thoughts in one place, instead of having multiple workbook pages. Additionally, therapists and counselors can personalize their journals with their own brand by utilizing our co-branding options! For a nominal up-charge you can choose your own covers and include your logo and/or practice information right on each journal!

The BlueBrick Therapeutic Journals™ are available in three styles: Insight Journals, Gratitude Journals, and Anger Logs. Journals can be purchased in bundles of three, five, ten, and twenty. Co-branding options are available when you buy the bundle of ten or twenty.



Help your couple clients build empathy and deepen their connections with the BlueBrick Empathy Builder™.

The BlueBrick Empathy Builder™ uses real world examples and assists with slowing the interaction of couples during session.

Utilizing this method, couples are able to strengthen their emotional intelligence. Empathy Builder puts the brakes on the all-to-often knee jerk reactions of emotion!

This leads to improved mutual listening, respect and strengthening of the couple’s connection to one another.



“Very helpful. The 3 levels of legos offer multiple methods of starting a dialogue with clients. The instructions helped me get started and opened the way for me to be flexible with the tools.”
– Christine H., LMFT

“It is organized very well, creative, and allows clients to practice skills without realizing it!”
– Melissa S. LPC

“This was a great tool to engage kids and parents. I’ve already recommend this to colleagues. ”
– Cori W., LPC, LAC

“It’s literally an “out of the box” way to engage a couple in an activity that can quickly bring out many patterns of communication — first with low stress then high stress. It is an amazing assessment tool as it allows the therapist to witness so many different situations in one session.”
– Janet F., LMFT

“It not only helped me see kids’ and parents’ strengths and weaknesses in communication, it also allowed me to have insight into their cognitive level. Also helpful because it allowed clients to let their guard down and concentrate on a task without feeling judged.”
– Norka A., LPC

“It was interesting to see where the couple struggled and showed them something about patience and listening. And it was simple to use.”
– Sue W., LCSW

“I was impressed by its simplicity and light-hearted approach.”
– Christie S., MFTC


All respondents found the journals helpful and would recommend them to a colleague.

“I was impressed by the questions asked in the insight journal.”
-Norka A., LPC

“I liked the questions in the insight journal for the client to reflect on. My client really liked it.”
-Kim K., LPCC

“I like that the journals contained inspirational quotes. That is the first thing every client made a comment about.”
-Sera B., LMFT

“I was impressed by the ability to personalize (the journals) to my practice.”
-Tamara T., LPC

“I love the co-branding!”
-Stephanie D., LPC